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Evie Spades: Skate Edition


Original  Deck Prices: $300

Original Deck Prices w/ Trucks and Wheels: $400

To Place an order, Go to Make an Offer (prices are set; the board goes to the first legitimate offer)

Printed Decks (at LOWER prices) now available at


Board Availability


Ange Orange (Orange); size 8": Sold

Pétiller (Purple); size 8.5": Sold

Rose sur Rose: (Pink); size 8.25": Available

Reine de la Terre(Green); size 8.25": Available

Coeur Glacé (Blue); size 8": Available (with trucks and wheels, only)

To Place an order, Go to Shop

For all Skate Orders, PLEASE specify whether or not you would like to include matching trucks and wheels!

Printed Decks (at LOWER prices) coming soon!




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