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Model Call Information, Guarantees, and Warnings

Any individual submitting an application to model for the Colorfield of the Spade collection must be at least 18 years of age. All people, of any race, gender or sexual orientation (referring to couple models other than friends), are welcome to apply. No application fee is required. Anonymity granted upon request (through in-person meeting and/or email, if/when selected).

All photographs taken are stored in password protected folders, accessible only by Evie Spades. Once a painting is created, the base image is permanently deleted to further protect the privacy of the model(s).

While Evie Spades reserves the right to deny any and all applications deemed inappropriate, fake, dishonest in identification (i.e. catfish), etc, she hopes to work with as many individuals as possible.

Model Submission

Thanks for submitting! 

For questions regarding our complaint/harassment policy, please visit our Harassment Policies page

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