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About the Gallery

The Colorfield of the Spade collection stands as a dedication to a number of things, the first being the struggle of body dysmorphia. To look in a mirror and feel ashamed, embarrassed, or depressed over what is reflected back at you is a pain a growing number of individuals carry. To some this pain exists daily; to others it may rear its ugly head at unexpected hours, on unanticipated days, on unforeseen occasions...the disorder is unique to all. No one deserves to look at their body as less than enough, as imperfect, or as anything but beautiful and strong. I hope my work provides a new perspective on the human body, a perspective rooted in confidence, self-love, and appreciation for ALL body types we have been blessed with across this earth.

Second, The Colorfield of the Spade collection is dedicated to real people. The bodies painted are unedited, and the models posing for the camera and canvas are drawn to proportions so precise, their friends are able to identify them nearly every time in comparison with other paintings (and we have over 30 models currently working with us to compare against). All models portray their own emotions and tell their own stories...I simply add a little color.

Third, The Colorfield of the Spade collection is dedicated to color itself. I firmly believe color has the potential to change so much about the world. From sunsets, to cartoons, to clothing, to nature, I am forever inspired by and in awe of the colors that surround me. To this day, I base the majority of my projects around color composition, and The Colorfield of the Spade collection truly brings that to light.

Fourth, The Colorfield of the Spade collection is dedicated to Phoebe Falese and Sue McDowell. Without these two women, I never would have created these pieces. Words could never begin to describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with them and learn what I have about the industry. I will forever be thankful for their generosity and kindness.

Finally, The Colorfield of the Spade collection is dedicated to my own struggle with and journey through anorexia nervosa. By showing others the beauty of their natural shape through silhouette color work, I learned to better appreciate my own form. This collection saved a huge portion of my heart, and truly reignited my passion for painting after years of questioning its place and purpose in my life. 

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