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Evie Spades clothing sales are currently done through Kin Custom and Shopify

To browse our current selection, please click the link below

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♠ “I’m honestly obsessed with the joggers. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they’re comfortable, they fit very well, and they’re so breathable. While wearing them in 90°F weather I was still perfectly comfortable. And the quality is great! They seem really well constructed; there are no loose threads or anything like that. I can see these lasting a very long time.”


-Izze Mitchell  (Clothing Model and Friend) 

♠ “Evelyn was one of the most beautiful models I’ve worked with in over 25 years, who glows with sophistication, and elegance with every pose, and with the way she connects with the camera. I've also gotten to know her to be a very reliable person who I can count on, and a good communicator, who shows professionalism in the way she conducts herself. She amazes me both in front of the camera, as well as in front of her canvas, or designing her line of clothing, or the efforts she puts into her activism for Body Positivity, fighting Body Dysmorphia. I see her going places, parting waters, and making waves.”


-John Paul (Photographer and Friend) 

♠ “ I was SO excited to receive my Evie Spades shirt in the mail, and could not believe how soft and vibrantly colored the shirt was when it arrived! Evie’s clothing is one-of-a-kind, and I love how it represents a theme of body positivity, self love and living life through the lens of color and joy. It is so much fun to be able to wear a piece of clothing that is so unique and artistically designed! I feel empowered knowing that I am wearing something that is spreading such a positive message. I am lucky to know Evie personally, and I am so impressed by how much love, care and dedication she puts into all of her work. She will go above and beyond to make others feel special and spread her gift of creativity to the world in the most meaningful ways. Thank you!”


-Jenna Norris (Childhood Best Friend) 



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